The Care Team

Did you know that a large percentage of the population struggles with loneliness?  
Loneliness is one of the most urgent social and public health crises of our time
(The Cost of Loneliness Project).  

The Care Team program aims to:

1) Foster relationships and connectedness in our community.

2) Increase social connections and promote a sense of belonging.

3) Support and surround our neighbors with care, help, and resources in times of crisis.

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  • The Center of Hope is a place where everyone is welcome, kindness is offered, and where help can be found.  


    The Care Team:

    • lifts spirits,

    • promotes connectedness,

    • walks with our neighbors as they navigate life's challenges,

    • provides help in urgent times of need,

    • mentors and shares wisdom and expertise, and 

    • offers a listening ear and a safe space.

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