2020 Project: Hope Cafe & Market 

There have been many recent studies on placemaking in communities, and the importance of spaces where people can come together to gain a sense of connectedness and belonging.  The Project for Public Placemaking indicates that small towns and rural places face unique and urgent issues, like managing limited resources and retaining businesses and people. Placemaking provides a means for smaller communities to reinvent themselves and face these challenges on their own terms. Great progress has been made over the past few years to reinvigorate Mount Vernon, but there is still much opportunity to bring the broader community together in creative ways. 

Social enterprise is also a growing trend in Central Ohio, but is a new concept in many rural communities.  Yet, it is a great way to gain revenue to fuel positive social change and to provide living wage jobs. 

The Knox County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) identified barriers that have kept the community from doing what needs to be done to improve health and quality of life, including:

• Lack of community engagement

• Lack of awareness of local resources

• Lack of funding

• Lack of economic development

  • 2020 Project: Hope Cafe & Market

    A community gathering place where people can meet together for a good meal and conversation.


    A source for quick, fresh 'to go' options.  

    A farm to community market where people can find natural and healthy staples at affordable prices.  


    Purchases help to fund emergency services & food supplies for families in need.

    A place where everyone on our team can find their niche, learn valuable skills, and work together in a supportive environment. 

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